What is Fashion of Clothing?

The number of garments produced annually has increased dramatically over the last century, doubling from 20 billion to more than 100 billion in 2014. The growth in apparel sales in emerging newsurl economies has also been large, boosted by rising middle class populations. In fact, over the past fifteen years, apparel sales in five major developing countries increased at an astonishing eight times faster than those in developed countries.

The fashion industry newsglo began in Europe and America, and has become a global industry. Today, clothing designs are often designed in one country, manufactured in another, and shipped to retail outlets pseudo around the world. The industry involves many different players, including the manufacture of raw materials, contractors, designers, and various forms of advertising.

Fashion has a specific savetoby ultural and social context, and a very distinct aesthetic elite. Among the fashion elite are high-end designers, couture couturiers, and fashion houses. Moreover, it is a medium through which people can express themselves through their clothing. Fashion is a reflection of social and cultural trends, and can also express one’s personal opinions.

Generally, fashion is defined as the style of clothes and accessories that have a particular character and are widely accepted by society. The term also includes customs and habits of a webvan particular group, and its synonyms, style and vogue. The former describes the general acceptance of a specific style, while the latter suggests that certain fashions may only be popular for a short time. Other terms used to describe fashion include shape, pattern, figure, and mold.

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