Smile2Impress Review

Impress offers direct-to-consumer orthodontic treatment and hybrid tech-driven orthodontic clinics. With a mobile app, the company is able to connect patients and doctors around the clock, and the app makes booking appointments and remote scans simple. Impress also offers orthodontic specialists and other services, including checkups and post-treatment oral care. Impress is based in Barcelona, Spain. For more information, visit moviesverse

Smile 2 Impress is a Spanish orthodontic company that specializes in invisible braces. The company has a number of clinics in the UK and has expanded to over seven other countries. The company was founded by an orthodontist, Dr. Khaled Kasem, and focuses on the use of state-of-the-art technology to create the most natural and aesthetically appealing treatment for their patients. In addition to delivering stunning smiles, Smile2Impress also offers an online follow-up option to ensure that patients are receiving the best treatment possible. starmusiq

The Smile 2 Impress treatment takes about six to seven months. After that, you will need to wear the aligners at night to maintain the results. The treatment can be lengthy and requires up to twelve sessions, depending on the severity of the problem. Afterwards, you’ll also need a retainer to prevent your teeth from returning to their original positions. However, there are cheaper alternatives with the same technology. Some even have a night-only option.

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