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Digital Disruption in Retail Industry

Digital disruption is sweeping the retail industry, changing the way it operates. It creates new opportunities for companies to increase sales and engage with existing customers efficiently. It also cuts down on costs and motivates employees. The pace of change is driving organizational change and digital innovation. Disruption is also bringing new consumers into the industry. This new generation  xfire of consumers is highly connected, spoilt for choice, and expects experiences in a faster, thoughtco more convenient manner.besteducationweb

In 2016, a pandemic of novel coronavirus hit the retail industry hard. The result: a dramatic disruption to the retail industry. While traditional retailers struggle to adapt to the new environment, others have found success by embracing disruption. One such company is Chapar, an online clothing store that focuses on improving men’s styling. Its innovative business model works wonders for the overall customer journey. In today’s retail world, digital disruption is a major force. hdnewspagal


The new retail environment is disrupting the entire value chain. The retailer is no longer the gatekeeper – consumers are going directly to manufacturers and aggregators. As a result, players in the ‘last mile delivery’ will be in an advantageous position to establish deeper customer relationships. As physical stores transform into entertainment destinations, retailers must deliver exceptional experiences. This shift is a result of the rise of social media and the use of mobile and cloud computing. newsfie

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